#BESTRETCH, like SNAP pants

To address all active urbanites, climbers or not, who want to reconcile a balanced lifestyle between city and nature. That was the promise of SNAP! The brand was born in Chamonix 25 years ago and has always offered a range of climbing equipment and clothing dedicated to climbing.

Today, with the advent of climbing gyms all over town and around the world, SNAP has decided to continue to cater to climbers, but not only. Whether you’re skateboarding, biking, running after your subway or even scootering [jokingly, we don’t really condone scootering], you’ll love our eco-friendly stretch pants.


chino curry en coton bio et matières recyclées

pantalon stretch pour femme

Stretch AND eco-friendly ?

In terms of development, we make it a point of honor to always choose the least polluting materials for the environment. Unfortunately, 100% organic or natural stretch does not exist yet… so we mix and match, and opt for recycled materials. We combine organic cotton or recycled polyester with elastane to obtain a fabric that is much less polluting than a standard material during manufacture, a “bi-stretch” effect, i.e. in both directions, horizontal and vertical. This is not the case with most pants, so test yours, go ahead.

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