Yoris, the man behinds SNAP Holds

For almost two years, it has been possible to climb on SNAP Holds all over the world. A successful bet for the brand, which had set itself the goal of taking the climbing world to a new level. Who is behind this initiative? How is the creation process going? Meeting with Yoris Delahaye, the man behind SNAP Holds creations…


yoris delahaye


What is your job title exactly?

I am a project manager and shaper for SNAP. I am also a route-setter at Arkose.


What do you like in this job?

I’m passionate about research, the creative process, the micro adjustments that push me to go back to the shape lab to sculpt what I had imagined. For me it’s a pleasure and a great opportunity to have a lab at my disposal and to have the opportunity to create a hold and then to play with it.

yoris delahaye snap holds


You’re also a route-setter, does it help when it comes to shape?

Absolutely! Climbing holds are the basic element for route-setters. Without quality ingredients it’s difficult if not impossible to offer a specific movement to the climber.

When you design a hold it is important to be creative but it is not enough, you also have to anticipate where the climber will put his foot, how he will take the hold with his hand, in short, how it will be used. Being a climber AND an opener is essential in my opinion to create an innovative and qualitative offer to the route-setters.


Yoris Delahaye


Do you work alone?

No, I’m in a Parisian workshop at Arkose’s headquarters where I work with Nelson Emo, Florian Escoffier and Thibaut Le Scour especially on the creation of ideas, the DNA of the series. Then I shape a large part of the shots, about 80%.



What is the creation that makes you really proud?

The creation I am most proud of is the Roswell. The idea came to me gradually, through discussion, reflection and further research.


What makes SNAP Holds different?

We are always looking for new shapes and new types of grips. The goal is really to offer a wide variety of holds.

One of the key points is to create holds and volumes by being an opener yourself to get into their skin so that they are as functional and aesthetic as possible.


Any last words?

Let’s continue to push exploration beyond its limits and look for treasures in everyday life!



Find SNAP Holds here.