Jérémy Bonder, objective Olympic Games 2024

Jérémy started climbing at the age of 6 in a discovery class. Two years later he joined his first club and began competing. Once the machine set in motion, it will lead him to national and international podiums a few years later.

Today the goal is even more exciting: to tackle the 2024 Olympics.



SNAP: Climbing is your reason for living, do you manage to live from this passion today?

Jérémy: I decided to quit my job in 2010 to devote myself fully to training. Today I can make a living from it mainly thanks to Arkose who sponsors me to help me achieve my current goal: to become Olympic champion at the 2024 Olympics in the combined difficulty/boulder.


jeremy bonder french climber

French boulderer Jérémy Bonder

SNAP: What is a day like for an athlete training for the Olympics?

Jeremy: Training in the morning, break and nap if I can, that’s new, and training in the afternoon. This is the classic rhythm while waiting for the competitions to arrive, but this year with covid new rules we have to adapt!


SNAP: Do you vary your training locations?

Jeremy: Yes, I always train in different indoor locations, with different exercises. I also use outdoor supports, very often the forest of Fontainebleau because I live there. I am also going to Saint Léger or other cliffs from time to time.


SNAP: Do you train by yourself or are you accompanied?

Jérémy: Ah I have a whole staff around me: one trainer, a physiotherapist, a mental trainer and Louis Marie from Beth program by Arkose for the partnerships. They’re not always there, so I train a lot on my own, but I also love climbing with my friends, it’s more challenging and there’s a better atmosphere.


SNAP: How do you choose your projects?

Jérémy: I’m mainly focused on competition, I’ve been French champion 3 times, in the podium of the World Cup and I’m now aiming for the Olympics. My first objective at the moment is to know the new Olympic bouldering/difficulty format to try to continue to progress in difficulty and to train in this new combination. But that doesn’t stop me from having outdoor projects, since this is how I discovered this discipline. The aim is to have fun and push my limits in high grades.


SNAP: What role does climbing play in your personal life? 

Jérémy: Ahah there’s my wife just here with me, you want me to ask her?! I think I know what she’s going to say… Climbing is a big part of my life. Indeed, even on Holiday, you have to make concessions…!


SNAP: What is your biggest dream right now?

Jeremy: I am not a person who idealizes a person or a place. This Olympic dream is a challenge for me. When I started out, we didn’t even consider that climbing would ever be in the Olympics, so for me it was a dream. Now it’s real.