3 yoga outfits for men

And yes, you heard right, we are exclusively adressing to men in this article. Sorry ladies. Women’s yoga outfits are too easy, you can dress like this, or like that, and it’s always sexy, it’s terrible. So the real question is: how do you dress for a yoga class when you’re a man? We’ve consulted the style brigade, answer in pictures below.

So, why talk about yoga at all?


1. Improve your range of motion 

First of all, dear little climbing friends, you should know that this discipline is perfectly complementary to climbing. All the postures practiced in yoga stretch the muscles and tendons to make you more flexible. Improving your flexibility helps you increasing your range of motion, and stopping making false excuses when a move is resisting you 😉

2. Avoid injuries

A strong core and good flexibility help to avoid some injuries. Extension movements prepare the muscles without pulling on them. Yoga also develops muscular balance: in vinyasa flow, to reach the cobra posture you slowly lower your body to the ground from a plank, which strengthens the triceps and chest muscles. These repetitions of series can help prevent elbow tendonitis by correcting the climber’s typical imbalances.

3. Keep cool

Yoga basics: relax, breathe, calm down and increase your ability to concentrate. Acquiring body awareness means knowing where pain and other body sensations come from, but also being aware of the space. In a critical moment of panic before clipping a draw, faced to the unexpected, in any adrenaline situation where panic prevails, having learned to tame your body will make all the difference.

This ability to feel and know your body, this fundamental strength that you will acquire through yoga will translate directly into your capacities to stay calm on any wall  because you will approach it with much more confidence.


Conquered? Let’s get dressed now!


Outfit 1

Organic cotton jogging + signature white hemp T-shirt. Oh yes, because when we do yoga we wear natural materials. Look how Terii looks in this eco-friendly, stylish and comfortable outfit! Ready to get into the reverse postures.

jogging kaki slim fit

Outfit 2

Lightweight straight cut shorts made from organic cotton. Worn with a small black T-shirt in monochrome, so 2021.

tshirt for climber black color


Outfit 3

The “Holds” T-shirt, a nod to climbing, soft and comfortable in organic cotton and hemp. Combined with ultra light and stretchy shorts, long enough for all those weird yoga postures (nothing will pop out, I promise).

climbing outfir for man snap


Discover the shorts in video: