Victor Fleutre,

Born in Angers, France, Victor Fleutre started climbing in 2013. Very quickly, he met Julien Gomez who took him to Font for the first time and introduced him to the routesetting world. Victor was immediately hooked (beep beep) with the job of opener, so he decided to apply at MROC in Lyon. In the middle of the selective he sees on the Facebook of a climber he met in Bleau a few years earlier an offer at BETA BLOC, in Canada.

He said to himself why not.

A few weeks later, on February 12, 2018 he found himself boarding a plane to start his career in Canada. He quickly became head opener at Beta Bloc Montreal Dorval where he organized many competitions.

“What I’m passionate about is that it’s a creative job, there’s a certain amount of freedom on the final product, how you want to make people climb, how you teach people, or you want to do visual things. It’s all about the fun of getting people to climb at the core.”