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Never leave anything behind again! Lip balm, essential oil synergies, brush, this small pouch made from crash pad remnants is ideal for keeping your essentials and moving them from one bag to another.



Eco Design

It's not a dirty word, but it means that we think hard about the best ways to minimize our impact: durable and resistant materials, optimized logistics, reduced packaging, products that we believe to be indestructible, the slow-fashion option... we still have a lot of work to do, but we're making progress!

Designed in

Designed in France

Snap was born in Chamonix 20 years ago. Each product has been carefully thought out, designed and prepared by our formidable Annecy-based team. 100% French design.


Sustainable Materials

100% of SNAP materials have a lower environmental impact than traditional materials: organic cotton, recycled polyester and nylon, or materials with low water requirements (tencel, modal, hemp).

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SNAPborn in Chamonix in the 90s, is an iconic French brand, known in the climbing world for its quirky and innovative vision of climbing products. Right from the start, SNAP made its mark with BUM quickdraws (the first wire-finger quickdraws in France) and a range of ultra-resistant crash-pads. Today, the company continues to break away from strictly traditional visions, creating standards for a new, spontaneous vision of climbing, encouraging free spirits and aesthetics.

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