Creating new climbing standards and practices

Climbing is an inspiring, century old sport, that has always promoted a positive imagination and an active mind and body. Nowadays it is both an outdoor and indoor activity that continually sets and then surpasses new limits. A new community of urban and eco-minded climbers has been born. They are addicted, enthusiastic and immersed in their discipline.

SNAP, born in the 90’s in Chamonix, is an iconic French brand, known throughout the climbing world for its quirky and innovative vision of climbing products. From the outset SNAP stamped its mark with wire-gate draws and ultra-resistant crash-pads. It still continues to break away from strictly traditional visions and creates standards for a new, spontaneous way of seeing climbing, encouraging both free and aesthetic mind sets.

Product flashback


‘Tournedos’ construction

This is an exclusive construction method. It is a single piece reinforcement in ballistic polyester (1680 denier) that goes all the way round the crash-pad, over, round and under, with no seams along the edges. Try to find a harder wearing pad!

The Wrap crash-pad

This is a patented model with variable hardness which makes the Wrap relatively soft and comfortable for sitting starts, but the higher you get and the longer the fall, the more the pad firms up.
The PU foam is separated into 24 individual cells each of which is covered in a taffeta wrap, which is lightly pierced. A small fall will cause the air to be driven out through these holes giving a softer landing, but not so with a higher fall. In this case the air is retained by the wrap because the speed of impact is much higher and the air does not have sufficient time to be expelled. The net result is a firmer pad for a higher impact fall - simple but effective.




An innovative wooden beam where the different holds are placed symmetrically in relation to their different grips, and not in relation to the centre of the board. This means that the shoulder width remains constant.

Chalk cream

The first chalk cream which is thicker than liquid chalk. It is water based and can be used often as it is less aggressive on the skin. It is biased in favour of comfort rather than performance and cleans off easily.



Quarterpounder crash-pad

Another patented model filling in four. Once unfolded its landing surface compared to its folded volume is unique. This makes it easy to transport and ideal for boulder circuits.


The first backpack to have a zip opening between the carrying straps.It is easy to open and gives a direct access to all your gear, which, like the straps remain clean and dry as never in contact with the ground.



Digital resistance seams

Seams in the shape of a logo that are stitched by an automate that replace the traditional, manually stitched, straight seams. They are used in express slings and the abseil ring on harnesses.

Wham crash-pad

This model, first created in 2001 is in some ways the symbol of the SNAP brand. It is a mono bloc that rolls up giving no folds, no seams and no weak points in the middle. Easy to carry and super safe to use.



Harness innovation

Snap made the first harness where the waist sling is inside for both increased comfort and long-life/safety.

Bum quick-draw

The first wire-gate in France!


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