Oops! Victim of its own success this product is out of stock

Le montant total de votre panier doit être compris entre 200€ et 3000€ pour payer avec Oney.
Votre panier doit contenir moins de 1000 articles pour pouvoir payer avec Oney.

My product needs an insert.

  • It is no longer under warranty
  • It is severely damaged and needs a repair with an insert
  • I pay for the repair here and send the picture to
  • I send the product or just the cover of my crash pad to SNAP, 294 route du Lanfonnet, 74410 Saint-Jorioz, France
  • Once repaired, the product comes back to me as new!

We’re working with a workshop called Green Wolf based in Annecy in the French Alps.

Come here to visit Our Ateliers.

Eco-conception This is not a dirty word, it means we think a lot about the best ways to minimize our impact: long-lasting and resistant materials, optimized logistic, reduced packaging, products we think to be indestructible, slow-fashion option… we still have a lot of work but we’re in progress!
Designed in France Snap was born in Chamonix 20 years ago. Each product has been thought, designed and carefully prepared by our awesome team based in Annecy.
100% French design.
Long-lasting materials 100% of SNAP materials have a minor impact on environment compared to traditional materials: organic cotton, recycled polyester and nylon, or materials with low-water needs (tencel, modal, hemp).
Fast delivery Delivery in 4 working days. Free shipping over 100€ purchase in mainland Europe and in the UK. Enjoy it!