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Victor Fleutre

  Victor Fleutre, 28, started climbing in Amiens in a small climbing gym in the city centre in January 2013. He was immediately hooked on climbing. Six months later, he met Julien Gromez, an route setter at Arkose now. It was he who introduced him to opening in 2013. Previously specialised in the resale of […]

3 yoga outfits for men

And yes, you heard right, we are exclusively adressing to men in this article. Sorry ladies. Women's yoga outfits are too easy, you can dress like this, or like that, and it's always sexy, it's terrible. So the real question is: how do you dress for a yoga class when you're a man? We've consulted [...]

Jérémy Bonder, objective Olympic Games 2024

Jérémy started climbing at the age of 6 in a discovery class. Two years later he joined his first club and began competing. Once the machine set in motion, it will lead him to national and international podiums a few years later. Today the goal is even more exciting: to tackle the 2024 Olympics.   [...]

Clément Lechaptois, the rock’s relentless

At 28 years old, Clément is one of the best French outdoor climbers. This 8b and 8c cross climber has always intrigued us. What is his lifestyle? How do you manage to reconcile your professional life and your passion when you are a rock climber? Here is a look back at a day with Clément. […]

Yoris, the man behinds SNAP Holds

For almost two years, it has been possible to climb on SNAP Holds all over the world. A successful bet for the brand, which had set itself the goal of taking the climbing world to a new level. Who is behind this initiative? How is the creation process going? Meeting with Yoris Delahaye, the man [...]

#BESTRETCH, like SNAP pants

To address all active urbanites, climbers or not, who want to reconcile a balanced lifestyle between city and nature. That was the promise of SNAP! The brand was born in Chamonix 25 years ago and has always offered a range of climbing equipment and clothing dedicated to climbing. Today, with the advent of climbing gyms [...]